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Important changes to air charter & flight dates

This is to let you know that after 33 years with Green Airways and 4 years with Chimo Air Service, as of spring 2018 we charter with Superior Airways. Both airlines were bought out by Superior Airways and we are on a Thursday 6:30 AM to Thursday regular change over for our 7 day guests and flying back out of the old Green Airways location at 68 Howey St located along the waterfront 1/2mile to the right at the traffic light in Red Lake.
Chimo had expanded as Greens shrank which prompted the initial change in 2014 and then when Superior stepped in there are no other options left. That said, guest reviews of the experience with Superior in 2018 were fantastic and they have absolutely stepped up with the most modern equipment and plenty of aircraft and pilots to move people safely and efficiently. They have 2 turbine otters as well as 2 turbine Cessna Caravans that are much quieter and offer quicker flights that the old piston engined aircraft. In addition, they also have a Cessna 180 and a piston otter as backup.
The great news for the vast majority of guests who drive to and from Red Lake is that with Thursday being a lesser utilized day for camp change-overs in northwestern Ontario, there is much less traffic on our 2 lane highways and best of all no long lines at the US border.
Any of our guests who have typically booked commercial flights out of Red Lake on Bearskin Airways, and have opted for the risk of catching the 8:30 AM flight out as opposed to the noon flight, will no longer be able to do that and will need to book the noon departure.

Thank you,
Tom & Shara

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