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Important changes to air charter & flight dates

This is to let you know that after 33 years with Green Airways, we have no choice but to change airlines. The 'transitional' 2013 season with Adventure Air and Greens turned out to be a mixed bag with some great equipment in the way of one turbine otter and a second during most of June. Unfortunately there were not a sufficient number of planes and pilots available to make things work in an efficient manner and many of our guests had to wait for their turn to fly. In addition to the number of aircraft available to us with Green Airways winding down and Adventure Air transitioning in, there was an underlying uncertainty of whether or not they would even be there in the spring. Ultimately Adventure Air failed to make, what in our mind would have been a commitment to Red Lake, by not purchasing or leasing someplace to work out of and hanging their shingle in town. As it was, when our last guests left camp on September 6th, their plane and pilot went back to Manitoba and we were left with only one remaining Green Airways pilot and their Beaver and Cessna to choose from for the remaining 3 weeks we were there.
We will now be flying with Chimo Air located at #2 Highway 105 Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0. They are located just 100 yards before the one and only traffic light in Red Lake on the right as you come into town. Chimo is a local family owned business that has been in operation for something like 20 years now and has a fleet of 1 turbine otter, 1 standard otter, 2 Norseman (One currently sidelined because of the slower economy) and 1 Cessna 180. With their fleet, we will be able to move our guests more efficiently plus we know they and their equipment will be ready and waiting to fly when we, and you, arrive at their base.
Because Chimo Air already has Friday morning commitments we must change to a Thursday to Thursday schedule flying out at 6:30 AM as opposed to the Friday to Friday 4:30 to 6:30 AM (Sunrise) we have done for decades . Naturally we anticipate that a few of our guests may have difficulty with work schedules and arriving in Red Lake one day earlier and we will continue to offer 3, 4 and 5 day fishing vacation options and we'll figure out any hiccups as we go through the first season. We have opted to make this change and announcement in early October so as to allow the maximum amount of time for you to work around the new schedule and not end up surprising anyone with it last minute.
The great news for the vast majority of guests who drive to and from Red Lake is that with Thursday being a lesser utilized day for camp change-overs in northwestern Ontario, there should be less traffic on our 2 lane highways and best of all the likelihood of long lines at the US border are much less. During the recession these last years that pressure has been slightly less however as the US economy improves and tourism in our region recovers, those long Friday wait times will be back and this change to Thursday plays well to minimize travel delays.
Any of our guests who have typically booked commercial flights out of Red Lake on Bearskin Airways, and have opted for the risk of catching the 8:30 AM flight out as opposed to the noon flight, will no longer be able to do that and will need to book the noon departure.

For those of you already booked for next season, this moves you one day earlier and we will be going through and changing your reservation dates to Thursday. Obviously, we will be updating the website in all the appropriate places as time allows.

Thank you,
Tom & Shara

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