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Rebuilding A FrameBull Moose Camp’s History

Built in the early 1970’s by the late John & Jeannette Richthammer of Red Lake, almost everything was built with the trees they cut down to clear the beautiful beach front site. The business struggled through those first few years and in 1976 ownership changed to Walter & Irene Sorg from California. The camp was run by several managers over the next few years while they continued to operate their business back home. The Sorgs’ realized that things were going nowhere and the camp required serious capital investment along with the sweat and enthusiasm of new management. They hired Hans & Annemarie Metzner in the fall of 1979, and by 1981 things were looking a whole lot better, but realizing that the operation still needed a lot of grooming, the Sorgs decided to sell. Hans and Annemarie made many improvements through the 80’s and built a regular clientele and solid, viable business. By 1989, they decided that life would not continue forever and they wanted to enjoy the rewards of their hard work while they were able. That is where we come in.

We had been actively involved in the “in town” end of business & began the 1990 season at Bull Moose Camp with a new vision. Since the cabins had been built without all the amenities, major renovations were undertaken over the next few years. In the fall of 1991, we officially purchased the company and have worked very hard to make further improvements. Cabins were enlarged to add bathrooms, the water system renovated to provide plenty of hot, steamy water for everyone, sewer systems installed, new electrical distribution with a super quiet generating system, hot plates were replaced with ranges and numerous double beds were put in to accommodate the growing number of couples.

Bull Moose Camp now have 8 separate units ranging in size from 2 to 12 person capacity and have around 35 guests in camp at a time. Our long range (20 year) plan calls for the eventual replacement of all the older buildings but as they say, “Rome was not built in a day!”