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Fishing ImagesThere’s great Walleye
and Northern Pike
fishing waiting for
you at Bull Moose

For years, the worst kept secret has been that the driving force behind our success at Bull Moose Camp has been our fishing. As a result of our goal being squarely focused on providing great service to our guests, offering some incredible natural wonders and some of the finest Northern Ontario fly-in fishing we have, we’re proud to say that Bull Moose Camp has a full camp most of the weeks of the season. However, there’s always a chance that we have room for you to enjoy one of the most memorable fishing trips in your lifetime so give us a call and book your next fishing adventure at Bull Moose Camp!

When you fish with us at Bull Moose Camp, it’s very common for 2 persons in a boat to catch over 100 fish per day and occasionally, if you are in the right place at the right time, you can tie into 100 or more in only a few hours!
As we actively promote catch and release fishing at Bull Moose Camp, we’re proud to say that we have had only a few trophies taken out since 1990. This has resulted in an ongoing situation where we see about 400 of trophy walleye in the 26 to 32 inch range and equal numbers of trophy northern pike from 35 to 46 inches caught each summer. Naturally, since almost all of these go back into the lake to continue growing, the odds of you catching a trophy Walleye or Northern Pike on your trip to Bull Moose Camp gets better each summer.

We’ve greatly reduced the pressure on our fish population by negotiating a private deal with the local native Canadians to cease any fish netting on Upper Goose Lake. Additionally, Ontario Government fishing regulations now protect walleye over 18″ and northern over 27.5″ allowing each angler only one fish over the size limits. As a result it is NO longer permissible to keep a big fish just to eat. By protecting both the breeding stock and the trophies, you can expect to share the thrills of a fishing vacation at Bull Moose Camp with your children and grandchildren and in turn, they with theirs!

Many of our regular guests have fished the waters of Upper Goose Lake for the last 15 or more years and say the fishing is better now than ever! For the few anglers that desire to mount their trophy catch from the waters of Upper Goose Lake, we still do allow that option. Over the years we know this only amounts to a mere few fish that are taken annually on a fishing trip to Bull Moose Camp.


We have a detailed map of our lakes available for you to download and print. This map is in PDF format.

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Many anglers feel that no Canadian fishing adventure is complete without at least one shore lunch cookout. This also holds true at Bull Moose Camp where we supply you with a kit that includes a cooking grate, bucket of wood and a tote containing a skillet, utensils, dishes and trash bags. Kits are in each unit and the buckets, wood and grates are by the woodshed so you can help yourself as needed.


When you arrive at Bull Moose Camp, you will find your boat/s washed, serviced, fueled up and ready to go. We provide you with the quality and reliability of LUND boats and clean, quiet, electric start 15 HP YAMAHA outboard motors. Each two people get a 14’ Lund S-14 and for odd numbered groups, we have 16’ Lund S-16 boats that are set up for 3 people.

These boats have 2 or 3 comfortable high back swivel seats for “all day support”, seat cushions, paddles, 15 lb anchor, bailing bucket & sponge, a fish measuring stick with average fish weight listed for all lengths, a detailed map of the lakes outlining depths and reefs and a good quality landing net. Our outboards are equipped with heavy steel skeg protectors that eliminate the risk of damage to the lower units. We’ve only lost one bottom end since we began using these guards in 1988. Some camps ask you to buy “motor insurance” or you’ll be responsible for accidental damage…. Not at Bull Moose Camp! We ask our guests to take “responsible care of” and “not to deliberately abuse the equipment”, but if by accident you should encounter motor damage, you will never be asked to pay for any repairs, provided that
you report the mishap.


We’ve been told that our (new in 2001) fish house is the very best there is. Our raised cement tile floor
and many large screened windows allow air to move both under and over the floor which then dries
quickly. Wooded or concrete floors tend to retain moisture that gives many fish houses that “not so
pleasant smell.” Ours however remains pleasant and is truly a nice place to prepare your catch for the
table. It features large formica topped cleaning tables that enable a number of people to simultaneously.
There are drop cords for electric knives and the lighting is very bright. There are separate packing and
washing areas with sinks, disposals, bags, tape and markers. The fish house also houses the freezers to
store your catch in. In the fish house, you will also find shelves containing all the consumable supplies
that we provide for you such as cleaners, toilet tissue etc. The ice freezer sits right out front so just help
yourself anytime 24/7.


Using live bait for your Bull Moose Camp fishing trip is not a necessity, but higher numbers of walleye
are generally caught when compared to using strictly artificial bait. We have a live bait tank with water
chillers that enable us to always have minnows available for you. The system is installed in the back of
the fish house and we provide the buckets and require you to only count and mark down your usage on
a self serve basis. You then only pay for what you take! Crawlers and leeches are usually available on a
pre-ordered basis though we’ve been having some difficulty getting healthy supplies from our dealers
in Red Lake. If bringing your crawlers over the border, please note that they can only be imported in
“bedding”. Leeches can no longer be brought into Canada but may still be bought in Canada at bait
shops in most communities. Also please note that it is strictly prohibited to use smelt as bait, either
live, dried, frozen or any other way.


Jeff Martens graciously provided the walleye age by length information to us. On one of his past fishing
trips to Bull Moose Camp he collected a sample scale from these fish and had them analyzed by the
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Growth rings on older fish are very close together so
sometimes it’s a bit hard to nail the exact age.

Around Camp Fish House 5 Huston

Length Age in years
17.50 “ 6 to 7
20.75” 8
23.25” 9
25.50” 12 to 13
26.00” 14
28.00” 14
28.50” 16
29.00” 15
30.50” 17
31.00” 17